Here We Go – Year 2 Begins Tomorrow!!

Stay calm. Be Patient. Check the checklist. Check it again.

Year 2 is upon us. I mean … it’s really upon us… like right here… omg.. so much to do… wait.. woooosaaaaaaaaa ūüėČ

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I cant tell you how happy and excited¬†we all are here in our office for Glass Vegas #2 tomorrow.¬† We have struggled deeply to¬†try our best to build & stay a truly connected show. A show that isn’t¬†just profitable & successful for all that attend, but a show about the people that attend.

We here, at the GV home office, understand how to create and execute. Period.  and we have a real track record.  Shows like public QuickBooks conferences and Private GE Executive meetings.
You get it,¬†Our list is long…

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But can we be honest for a sec?
The CHAMPS and AGE shows aren’t run by the nicest of guys. Just our experience¬†of those 2 guys in particular, who will not be named, seriously sucked.

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We’ve¬†heard too many¬†accounts of the ways artists are treated before, during and after, those shows. It’s sad.¬† For those¬†thatve¬†ever had to bear the brunt… We salute you.

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Maybe that’s¬†why we try so hard?


I hope you take the extra time to walk the industry hall, make your contributions and express yourself in a way that lets us know who you are.
I spent the last 2 weeks agonizing over the most minute details…
I can’t wait to hear your feedback!!!



As I look around at all the boxes of badges, lanyards, dope merch, tons of decor, way too many lollipop signs, fabricated fire-treated walls, hanging circle banners, way too much chalk & a trailer full of check-in computers; I am filled with that feeling.
That feeling I heard conveyed in the voices of the artists I got to personally meet and connect with last year.

That feeling some of you might still be feeling right now.

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awww.. you too?!?! I know right.. haha!

The love is real folks.

Echod from the highest peaks of social media.

Prepare to feel it.



I’ll be¬†looking forward to all the¬†smiling faces on the show floor tomorrow ūüôā

Take care in your travels to the Westgate, everyone…

I’m¬†off to make sure you have the best event ever.


Let’s do this…



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