The Big Show – Ft Lauderdale

Hello BlogLand>>>

Today me, Skye & Dustin flew to ft., Lauderdale with all our equipment and handouts for The BIG Industry Show. I know what I wanted to expect, but the reality is…  you never know whats gonna happen when flying across the country to go on site for a show…!

They lost our computer kiosks for the show,  you know, the devices that will take in all of your information.. the magic that runs the whole booth…
No big deal right!?!  um no!!!!
Southwest sends us off with a promise to call when they find our luggage, great… oh and they aren’t responsible for most electronics…. damn…
just breathe… positive vibes….. we got this!  😉

We finally roll into our Air bnb and get posted up. Beautiful place to be crashing the next few days, making this luggage insanity a little easier to deal with.   We pass out around 1:30am and then BAM>>the phone rings at 4am, I sit straight up and mumble, Helllooooo…. we found your luggage!
whew… drama solved!! Back to bed…

Next morning, get up early get to the airport and finally.. get to the convention center and get set up for a kick-ass day on the BIG Industry Show floor.  Let’s do this!!

We have arrived!!  We had some trouble with the craps table.. but got it sorted out. Carla (the dealer is so nice) but let’s be honest, to deal with us… shes gotta have a few screws loose… hahahaha!
Arrived.. refreshed.. ready for the hustle.., giving all these Buyers here at the show a good time 😉 and rolling the dice for a chance to come to everyone’s fav spot…Glass Vegas…. def winning!

I took some pictures of some of my fav people, cruised on a Jungle Boat to an island while it rained like cats and dogs… we got lei’d right when we arrived off the boat… had some dinner, good times, great people..   love our Industry!!

Thanks, Gustavo,  night one in the books, what a success!!

btw… I am writing this from my phone on the beach.  Don’t you wish you were here too 😉

Much love & see you soon…

<3 Amy <3

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