Only Industry People Get it! ::sadface::

So in an attempt to offset some of my immense workload, and in clouded judgment, I hired a writer to help me create some content for the internet. I couldn’t find an industry person, so I went elsewhere…

a mistake… I know…
(hindsight and all that)

I am not complaining about her work, just that as much time as I spent trying to convey what I need and what the show is all about (the zen of it), I didn’t realize that without the rEaL KnOwLeDgE of glass and the industries inner workings, I was doomed for sure.
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In an attempt to not make this a complete loss, Here it is.. 10 reasons you should attend glass vegas.

Why YOU Need to Get Here!

Glass.Vegas is coming in less than a month! (Can you hear our ultra-prepared yet still strangely panicked deadline screams echoing as you’re reading this? No? Good. We were afraid you could!!) Anyway, there are a zillion reasons why YOU need to get to our 2nd Annual Glass Vegas American Functional Glass Convention and Trade Show. Here are just a few of our personal favorites!

  1. Boost your business. Seriously – some of the most recognized exhibitors and buyers from across the country will be here under one glamorous and utterly decadent casino roof. So YOU need to be here, too.
  2. Get personal! Meet the artists and the buyers for yourself. Forge connections that you just can’t make over the phone or via email and put your hands and/or lips on some of the hottest functional concept art you’ll ever see.
  3. Feel the heat. See some awesome flameworking demos as you get a feel for how many of these talented artists work – and if you are one of those talented artists – show off your stuff and your process!!
  4. Compete in the World Series of Glass. Have your works recognized and win awesome prizes in these categories: functional, millie, collab, and shot glass. Cheers to that!
  5. Chill! Did we mention that the amazingly talented E.N Young and the downright smoothest bunch of vintage reggae revivalists, The Expanders, will be up close and personal on the show floor? Yeah. They will be. That’s worth using this prime excuse to get out of the office for right there!
  6. It’s a top secret meetup. Our secret after-hours party in a prime spot has become legendary after just one year– so isn’t it time you got in on a little side action of your own?
  7. Live life in the fast lane. Of course, we’re talking about the 2018 Derby in the Desert with 64 cars and 2 days of racing! Get revved up to see the other sleek projects these artists have been working on.
  8. A grown-up Christmas in February! Didn’t get what you wanted this year? Don’t lose your marbles – get your revenge at the coolest “Secret Santa” game ever during our marble exchange!
  9. A sweetheart of an excuse. Come on – it’s Vegas in February from the 5-7. That works as either a “Honey, I’m taking you to Vegas for an early Valentine’s Day and we’re stopping at this cool show,” or a “Honey, I’m going to Vegas for a BOOORIINGGG show that I just HAAVVVEE to go to but of course I’ll be home to you in time for Valentine’s Day.” Your choice. We gave you both options.
  10. What happens in Vegas…well, you know.

Now, go – get registered, get booked and GET HERE!

(Check out the rest of our site for even more reasons why you should!)




I’ve learned my lesson kids…won’t happen again
Probably… 😉

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